CPR & Choking

Would you feel confident in an emergency?

We understand that barriers to learning these life-saving skills are often time, cost, and the anxiety of being tested in order to pass.  If this is you, my workshops are the perfect solution. 

You can book a private CPR and choking class, or get together with some of your friends for your own personal group class. 

Private CPR, Choking & AED Workshop in your own home


This one-hour workshop is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning these life saving skills, and doesn’t require formal certification.

After completion of this workshop, you will feel confident in your skills performing CPR, using an automated external defibrillator (AED), as well as utilising choking relieving techniques on an infant, child and adult. 

This hands-on workshop includes an eBook for reference that you will receive after your class.

$100 - 150 per couple

In-home area served: Sydney Metro (travel costs may be charged for distances further than 30 minutes).

Get your friends together for a group workshop. Contact me for rates.


Is your baby starting solids soon?

Starting solids can be overwhelming.  You may wonder whether to choose purees, baby-led weaning, or a combination of both. What foods should you introduce first? What about allergens? All these questions will be answered during our popular Starting Solids Workshop.

Combine this with a CPR and Choking Workshop to completely prepare your family for this significant milestone.